All that glitters is metalware

Collectable metalware is available in a variety of designs and styles, and a wide selection of metals. On eBay you will find unique pieces that give your collection some serious wow factor.

Gold Coloured Collectable Metalware

Traditional collectable horse brasses are available individually, in pairs and in sets. The distinctive ornamental designs were a popular decorative option in the UK at one time. Choose from medallion styles and leather Martingale Victorian sets.

Hammered copper and bronze collectables are available in a range of designs. Hand beaten copper pouring vessels from the arts and crafts era of 1900 create a unique decorative feature in any room. Antique bronze pitcher jugs are an alternative option.

Vintage brass plaques are available in a selection of designs. Intricately detailed wall mounted brass panels are popular with collectors.

Silver Coloured Collectable Metalware

Handcrafted collectable metalware made from pewter is stylish and useful. If youre after a unique display item, choose a rare Celeborn goblet or a pair of highly decorative dragon embellished drinking vessels dating back to the early 1950s. Everyday items such as bowls or jugs look striking in pewter.

Hammered pewter collectable metalware is also available in a complete set. A retro tea service typically includes a tray, teapot, milk jug and twin handled sugar pot.

Antique Cast Iron Collectable Metalware

Heavy-duty cast iron collectable metalware is available in functional and decorative pieces. The hard wearing nature of metalware means that even items which have been well-used still retain their fine details. Unique and unusual collectable metalware sets that are popular with collectors include cast iron horse and wagon model toy sets.

Vintage Victorian collectable metalware is available in a wide variety of decorative plate pieces that can be displayed on a wall. Intricately shaped outdoor plate pieces embellished with floral designs were a popular design feature of the era. Travel related wall plates such as vintage cast iron station signs are becoming sought-after for interior design.