Collectable Military Badges

Military badges raise the rank of any collection

No militaria collection is complete without a selection of military badges. Collectable military badges are available in a variety of metal, enamel and cloth designs to commemorate historical world events.

WWI Collectable Military Badges

Royal Australian army service corps collectable military badges are available in a selection of genuine designs. Choose from metal hat and collar badge sets, cloth gunner sleeve badges, and individual pin badges.

Anzac World War I collectable military badges include the rising sun commemorative uniform badge. The distinctive Australian Commonwealth Military Services badge design is based on authentic uniform insignia that was worn by the Australian Imperial Forces.

WWII Collectable Military Badges

Rare collectable military badges from World War II include collections of medal groups that were awarded to military army divisions. The genuine medals are supplied with historical information about the service hero that they originally belonged to.

Australian WWII collectable military badges include flight medical collar badges that were worn by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). The original metal badges feature the double snake winding caduceus winged staff that is carried by Hermes in Greek mythology and is associated with medicine.

British collectable military badges include a variety of regimental hat badges and enamel pins. Collectable military badges are also found on pre-WWII officers' mess dress uniforms and Household Cavalry military parade caps.

Collectable Military Badges Of The Vietnam War

Decorative collectable military badges from the Vietnam War are available in a variety of designs. Elaborately detailed metal Australian Infantry corps uniform badges were typically worn on berets and caps. The badge features central crossed rifles surrounded by a wattle wreath.

Rank insignia collectable military badges are made from cloth and were sewn on to service dress. The collectable military badges are available in a range of authentic designs.

Vietnam medallion collectable military badges are very rare. The limited edition combined arms sets are presented in a box and are individually numbered for authenticity.