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Collectable Modern Factory Manufactured Folding Knives

Collectable Modern Factory Manufactured Folding Knives

Knives are one of the oldest and most enduring human tools, and their functionality has not decreased in the modern age. Modern folding knives come in a wide range of sizes, designs, colours and functions. Tactical folding knives have specially shaped blades that offer many useful cutting angles and additional functionality while maintaining a large, strong blade. Butterfly knives or balisong are small and easily transportable, as their blades are not spring-loaded like most folding knives, but rather have a two-part hollow handle that can be flicked open or closed around the blade one-handed. Swiss Army knives are famous for including not only a folding blade, but numerous folding tools concealed within the handle.

Folding Knife Materials

While almost always made from high-quality steel, folding knives are available with a wide range of manufacturing processes, finishes and colours. Martensitic steel is made in a specialised metallurgical process that increases the metal’s hardness, allowing for longer time between sharpening and increased reliability. Alloys such as chromium steel have an increased resistance to chemicals and weather, allowing for a longer life and reliable use in rough or hazardous environments. Rainbow titanium coatings produce an iridescent rainbow-like effect, while not affecting blade performance or reliability.

Wood Inlay Knives

Hunting knives and other collectable knives often feature wood inlay on the handle. These inlays can come in a large variety of designs and wood types. The pocket knife design of a dark wood inlay handle with a brass end is a perfect example of this. Artistic flourishes and designs, along with rare woods, can increase the rarity and value of these items.

Folding Knife Designs

Knife designs often suit specific purposes. Hunting or fishing knives have specially designed edges and curves to help in the capture or processing of fish and game. Multi tool knives fold into pliers with tool sets in the handles. These can be bought in specific models for specific needs, such as electrical work or leatherworking. Woodcarving, military, craft, commemorative or survival: there is a folding knife for any purpose. Beyond the simply functional, many collectable knives can be found to suit any aesthetic. There are steel-handled folding knives with angel-wing designs, rainbow-finished knives, black steel, damascus steel, antique and credit card knives, indeed, anything that you can imagine.