Collectable Modern Folding Knives

Collectable Modern Folding Knives

Generally called a pocket knife, folding knives are your foldable knives with blades that fit inside the handles. These are pocket-sized, easy and safe to keep in your clothing. Popular for its versatility, these pocket knives are handy tools with helpful uses.

What are Some Types of Folding Knives?

Here are three types according to purpose:

  1. Hunting knife. This is specially for use in the wild after hunting game. The sharp blade is able to skin animals and cut up meat. Some are plain and size up to seven inches long. Other hunting knives are foldable ones. Check out Crocodile Dundee hunting knife for options.
  2. Camping knife. A camping knife is an essential utility tool for outdoorsmen, specially for those who sleep outdoors for long periods of time. Good camping knives are durable and rigid. They should reliably withstand tasks like rope cutting, sharpening sticks, surface clearing, and for meal preparations. While folding ones are available, you'd do better with a fixed blade. Check out Browning and Winchester folding knives for options.
  3. Survival knife. Good survival knives are military grade. These are essential for surviving the wilderness during emergencies and encounters. Military pilots need these in cases where their plane goes down or they are otherwise left to fend for themselves in the elements. You can also purchase survival pocket knives.

What are Other Kinds of Folding Knives?

Here are three kinds according to blades:

  1. Single blade folding knives. They may lack variety but they are high on reliability. Single blades are sturdier and stronger. The locking mechanism itself is single-focused, providing stability of use at all times.
  2. Multi-blade folding knives. These can have a combo of up to six blades. Remember that additional blades lessen strength and durability. So, choose the essential mix of blade shapes and purposes you need and buy those combos.
  3. Multi-tool folding knives. These are often a combination of blades and tools. Some have tweezers, scissors, corkscrews, can openers and more. First issuing to the military in 1897, the Swiss Army knife is one example of these.

What are Basic Care Tips for Folding Knives?

Prevent the build-up of dirt by observing the following:

  1. Scrub your blade down with warm and lightly soaped water. You may use a clean toothbrush.
  2. Use wet lubricants for oiling. For knives you use with food preparations, purchase food-grade lubricants.
  3. Keep them in protector cases and keep them out of the sun when you are outdoors.