Collectable Pens

Write in style with a collectible pen

Collectible pens are available in a wide variety of elegant traditional and modern designs. Here on eBay, you will find high quality pens to suit all of your writing requirements, alongside those more suited to reside in your collectors cabinet.

Alternative styles

Calligraphy pens are typically supplied in boxed sets. The Parker Vector calligraphy set includes a fountain pen and removable broad, medium, and fine-tipped nibs. Ink cartridges are also included. Limited edition fountain pens that have a semi-flexible nib are an alternative writing instrument choice.

Premium quality collectible ball point pens are available in a wide range of elegant modern styles and designs. These lightweight writing utensils are typically made from ABS plastic with a matte or shiny gloss finish. Chrome finish and gold plated ball point pens are an alternative option with plenty of ink refills available.

Pens that boast innovative design features include the Fisher Space pen. The military-style sleek black pen is designed for maximum durability and reliability and features an ultra-hard tungsten carbide ball and a sliding float that separates the ink from the pressurized nitrogen gas that is contained in the pen chamber. The Space pen can write in extreme conditions, and also over grease and fingerprints.

Rollerball collectible pens boast high-performance functionality and a modern design that is available in a range of styles. Chiseled effect chrome finish rollerball models are a popular option.

Jotter GT ballpoints typically have a stainless steel body and easy click mechanism. Choose from a selection of traditional and classic designs, with blue or black ink.

Novelty collectible pens for all writing tasks

Pen your literary masterpiece with a Quill calligraphy pen and a collectible inkwell. The pen is modelled on traditional writing instruments that were originally made from a feather. The fountain pen features a decorative feather end and is supplied with 5 nibs and a pot of ink.

Quirky plastic syringe style ballpoints are available in a range of fashionable ink colours to make writing more fun.