Collectable Phone Cards

There are many collections on the market that someone might choose. For example, those interested in the telephone might wish to start a collection of collectable telephones or unique phone cards.

Phone Card Storage

Before you ever start a collection, you should know how you plan to store and display your prized possessions. Protect your rare, mint condition phone card by placing it in a clear, phone card page. Lighthouse Vario makes pages that will hold eight cards. No matter which brand pages you use, it’s important that the holder be free of chemical softening agents and acids so that it doesn’t harm your collection.

Know What You are Buying

Collectable advertising products are a great place to start when looking for collectible pieces. Phone companies like Telecom use promotional items to get its name out and become well known in the telecommunication world. Phone cards placed in a collection have already been used, so keep in mind that you are purchasing the card itself, not the minutes originally loaded onto the card.

Phone Card Design

You have the option of picking cards from a specific company, or you might just want to collect items that have a design you like. For example, as a tennis fan, you might want the $5 mint Chipcard Tennis Greats, whereas the comic book fan might prefer the $5 Batman Forever card. Additional graphics include trains, birds, mountains, and Disney characters.

Single Card or Bulk?

A good thing about purchasing phone cards is that often you can buy the product in bulk, so you get more than one item to add to your collection. However, some collectors prefer to buy individual pieces so that they know what they are getting and know if it is a good fit for their collection. It’s best to have an idea of what you are missing, what you want and what will increase the value of the collection before you start shopping.