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Collectible pins to show off your style

Decorative collectible pins are available in a wide range of colourful and creative designs that show off your personal taste and interests. On eBay, there's a cracking assortment of pins to wear or display with pride.

Alternative styles Of collectible pins

Pins that are heavily enamelled are available in a wide range of retro and modern designs. Lapel pins typically feature a cut-out or contoured design with gold plated accents. Popular designs include souvenir Australia Day flag badges, Remembrance Day poppies, and other military pins.

Modern collectible pins that support gay pride include curvy rainbow shaped enamel lapel pins and striped flag brooches with gold plated trim.

The popular TV series "The Simpsons" has inspired a huge selection of character pins. Choose from individual designs of your favourite character and combo sets of the entire Simpsons family. These collectible The Simpsons pins have secure grip backs to keep the pins attached. Large lightweight plastic character pins in three-piece sets are an alternative option.

If you're a music lover, you can show your appreciation with collectible pins that celebrate a variety of musical genres. Large collections of hat and coat lapel pins include 191 pieces that are made up of instrument shaped enamelled pins. Individual kitsch guitar shaped collectible pins are an alternative popular option.

Also available are retro humour pins featuring cheeky and quirky slogans and designs in a range of colours.

Different types of modern icon collectible pins

"Keep Calm & Carry On" parody pins are a popular statement design that is available in a wide selection of options. These metal 1 inch pins are typically supplied in assorted designs and colours to mix and match with your mood.

Quirky and colourful pins featuring floral motifs, cartoon characters, and face designs are available in a variety of pack sizes.