Collectable Railroad Books

Collectable Railroad Books

An avid railroad enthusiast learning about the history of significant railways and locomotives can be made easier with a full range of collectable books on the railroads of Australia and beyond. The rare and collectable books would make great gifts for a railway fan or to add to your personal collections. Vintage paperback book and magazine options available include items perfect for collectors. You can find mint conditions books published throughout the 1950's, 60's and beyond. The rare options are a good choice if you are looking for a unique gift or to add to your book store. You will find paperback and hardcover options depending on your preference.

Australian And Victorian Railways

The titles available capture a rich history of Australia's railroads, whilst others cover the long history of the locomotive all the way back to the Victorian era. The guides include pictorials of the routes covered by these historic trains or cover the locations of railways stations throughout Australia. There are titles covering the development of specific lines and locomotives like the Southern Aurora and the Melbourne Express which have local details of these railway lines in your area.

Collectables And Magazines

In addition to the great range of collectable books, you can find other coveted items like railway newsletters and tickets from train rides past. Pick up the Victorian Railways newsletter from as far back at 1960 and own a piece of history. You can also find vintage maps for railway lines and some lots of vintage tickets from past journeys.

Hidden Gems

Going beyond the more popular and well known railways, other titles explore railways which were lost to time or fell into disuse. These hidden railways are a fascinating source of history of not just australian railways but also australian culture and the progression of technology through the years.