Collectable Magnets

Collectable magnets are fun, decorative additions to your home. As well as being colourful accent pieces, magnets are also quite useful for holding up photos or important notes. There are many different types of collectable magnets available, so you can find ones that suit your unique style and decor.

Fridge Magnets

Specifically designed for refrigerators, fridge magnets are some of the most popular of collectable magnets. Most add a splash of colour to the kitchen decor. Some are flat and lie right against the surface of the fridge. Others are three dimensional and stick out quite a bit from the refrigerator. The majority of these magnets are strong enough to hold up papers or photographs.

Souvenir Magnets

Souvenir magnets are magnets that came from a specific city or attraction, such as a sports team. They typically have the name of the city, attraction, or logo on them, or they feature an image that is emblematic of the place. These magnets are great for showing people where you have been or what you have accomplished. Souvenir magnets from your city also make great gifts for out-of-town friends and family.

Poetry Magnets

Poetry magnets are word magnets that you can arrange to write out sentences or poems. Most of are black and white, but there are also some colour sets available. There are sets that feature standard, everyday vocabulary, as well as sets with specialised vocabulary. Some poetry magnets feature words about nature and words pertaining to specific hobbies such as gardening or painting.

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets are a unique kind of collectable magnets made of refined metal. They are stronger than many other types of magnets and you can stack them or use them to build magnetic sculptures. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Discs are the most common, but they also come in cubes, pyramids, and spheres.