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Collectable Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers aren't just functional. Many people enjoy collecting one-of-a-kind and specialty shakers, and they can add a fun touch to any table, cabinet or counter. Start your own salt and pepper shaker collection and enjoy seeking out different styles and designs, as well as vintage salt and pepper shakers.


When it comes to selecting salt and pepper shakers, there are many different designs from which to choose. Figurals are shakers shaped like objects, such as cars, cartoon characters or animals. Choose sleek, traditional sets or opt for retro salt and pepper shakers from the 1950s and 1960s. Colours vary, and novelty shakers make fun gifts for a collector or whimsical additions to a dining table.


Since there are so many types of salt and pepper shakers available, there are many features to pick from as well. Electric salt and pepper shakers are a high-tech option for collectors who enjoy collecting modern shaker sets, while salt and pepper grinders allow you to grind fresh salt and pepper over meals for a distinct taste. Some shaker sets even fit into each other, so they take up less space. A dishwasher-safe set is easy to keep clean.


Some brands to consider when purchasing salt and pepper shakers include Funko, which makes shakers in the shapes of some of their most popular Pop figures, in addition to Noritake, Davis & Waddell, Disney and Alessi. Choosing a brand depends on what types of shakers you seek. Brands like Disney create character-inspired shakers, while Alessi makes more modern and chic shaker sets.

Single Shakers

If you're not after a salt and pepper pair, opt for an interesting single shaker. These come in many designs and some may include painted scenes, animal shapes or characters. For vintage collectors, it's an easy way to find one-of-a-kind statement shakers from the 1950s that have a kitschy look.