Collectible saws for any DIY enthusiast

Wood and timber collectible saws are available in a wide range of styles, designs, and working conditions, ideal for any collector. Discover a range of collectible tools and hardware here on eBay.

Original woodworking collectible saws for DIY collection

Vintage saws include the classic 12 inch Tenon saw. This steel-backed saw has a solid, contoured wooden handle. Choose from a selection of original Tenon models with different shaped handles. The antique Henry Disston thumb hold pistol grip saw is an alternative option.

Full blade, razor-sharp scythes are unique and look great displayed on a wall. These large scythes have a long, solid wood handle and a characteristic curved pointy blade.

A collection of six vintage antique wood saws is a ripper option to get your collection started. The original carpenter's woodworking hand tools include rip panel saws and Henry Disston restoration saws in a range of designs. One panel saw is supplied without a handle.

Premium quality collectible saws include the traditional felling model. This antique hand tool boasts a 42 inch X cut blade and a rounded pistol grip wooden handle.

Collectible saws from around the world

Japanese-made saws include the Ryoba 210mm blade. The traditional design has a palette knife shaped blade with double-sided finely ground teeth and deep gullets. The saw is designed for use on soft wood and is supplied with a blade cover.

Authentic Japanese collectible saws that are used by carpenters include the Kataba saw. The artisanal handmade blades are extra long and boast cross cut teeth for faster cutting.

Vintage saws from Germany include the highly decorative Ahrem's tooth setter, perfect for finishing off your collection of tools and look great next to collectible hammers.

Australian made genuine leather saw bags are the perfect accessory. These hardwearing superior quality bags are made from full grain suede leather and are stitched and riveted for extra strength. The saw bags easily accommodate 28 inch saws.