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Antique collectible vintage screwdrivers

Discover great deals on out-of-production rare and collectible screwdrivers here on eBay.

Antique Collectible Vintage Tools

Although there are exceptions, most vintage and collectible hand tools tend to be of better quality and much more durable than top-tier hand tools bought brand new at a hardware store. People always need good tools, and eBay is a great source for finding unique vintage tools that are high quality as well as antique-grade collectable tools, hardware and locks.

Useful, collectible screwdrivers

In eBay’s huge inventory of vintage hand tools, you’ll find just about every type of screwdriver ever invented, including ratcheting screwdrivers and torque screwdrivers. You’ll also find almost every drive type ever put into use, including flat-head (or slotted), Phillips, Frearson, Robertson, Pozidriv and Supadriv. You’ll find screwdrivers with handles in different shapes and materials like wood, metal, resin, rubber and plastic, with nifty features like magnetic attachments for your drivers and reversible ratchets.

Australian-made quality screwdrivers

Here on eBay you’ll find well-cared-for used and vintage NOS (New Old Stock) of genuine Australian-made hand tools. Shop quality Aussie-made screwdrivers from home-brewed brands like Sidchrome.

The Sidchrome brand of hand tools appeared after World War II when Siddons Drop Forgings Pty Ltd started making tools to fill post-war shortages. Original production was in the suburb of Brunswick in Melbourne, Victoria.

All Australian-made Sidchrome screwdrivers are now at least thirty years old. Sidchrome was bought out by an American company in 1985 and within three years production of all Sidchrome hand tools had moved overseas.

European-made antique tools

As well as true-blue Australian-made tools, eBay is a great place to find superb screwdrivers made with European craftsmanship. Find vintage hand tools that migrated to Australian soil with their original owners, or get beautiful tools shipped directly to your door straight from their country of origin.

For excellent quality craftsmanship and durability, look for screwdrivers made in Sweden and made in France. Screwdrivers made in Japan, England and the USA are also highly valued on the antique circuit.