Collectable Shells

Add some natural charm to your home with collectible shells

Collectible shells can be used for various purpose. Arrange pretty, natural shells in an ornamental display, or use them to enhance your arts and crafts projects. Whatever you need seashells for, youre sure to find the ideal collectible rocks, fossils and mineral here on eBay.

Collectible seashells in bulk

White collectible shells that are supplied in a large 500 g pack feature a selection of different types of beach shells. The mix includes conical shells, giant cockle shells, broad ribbed and scalloped shells. Scatter these seashells at the base of a centrepiece candle arrangement, or use them for home and party decoration. They can also be used to decorate aquariums.

Dainty shells include smooth, rounded cowrie shells. The typically measure 1.5 to 2.2 cms and are supplied in bulk packs of 50 g.

Multicoloured seashells are available in a variety of shapes and colours to use as you please. A mixed bulk pack of 100 is suitable for jewellery making.

Collectible starfish shells are an alternative option to use in your nautical theme décor. These are typically supplied in packs of 12. Another striking type of shell is a clam, adding a stylish yet natural touch to your home.

Decorative collectible shells for individual display

Abalone collectible seashells boast distinctive rainbow coloured patterning and an organic shape. These deep, bowl-shaped shells are often used for spiritual cleansing practices as they are considered to invoke the spirit of the ocean. The Abalone shells are supplied pre-cleansed and are said to be charged under a full moon.

Large Nautilus seashells are available in a selection of sizes, shapes, and colours. The natural shells have a smooth rounded shape and are chambered. Choose from polished striped seashells and Nautilus shells that have a shimmering pearl finish. Extra large Pompilius Nautilis collectible shells are especially rare.

Natural Murex Ramosus seashells are available in a range of unique formations. They belong to predatory sea snails and feature curvy spines and branches.