Collectable TV, Film & Game Replica Blades

Collectable TV, Film and Game Replica Blades

A favourite movie prop or game theme can pique a buyers interest to start collecting replica blades. Daggers, knives and swords are popular items to display in a collection or use as props in local drama presentations. For example, reproduction movie props might include a World of Warcraft King Lich sword, a lightsaber from Star Wars or a cosplay prop, such as Wolverine paws. Alluring and attractive, these fake blades are made to look like the real thing.

Replica Daggers

Without breaking the bank, you can own a collectable replica dagger that has a finely detailed handle and a stainless steel blade. Many include a matching scabbard for extra authenticity. Likewise, youll find display items that come with a high-quality stand. For instance, there is an axe and hatchet set that includes a dagger featuring a fire-breathing dragon design with a button to release the knife.

Replica Knives

If youre a Rambo fan, a collectable replica knife may be the perfect addition to your collection. A set includes hunting, battlefield and Bowie knives made from 440 stainless steel to include leather sheaths. Additionally, replicas may include a solid metal crossguard and pommel as well as a leather grip. Choose knives from other media, such as Assassins Creed or The Hobbit.

Replica Swords

Collectable replica swords are impressive pieces due to their larger size. Mount an imitation King Arthur sword on a wall or place it on a stand to make a captivating display. Moreover, Game of Thrones blades come as life-size replicas resistant to rust and scratches. Resin handles give the sword a classy appearance while making it easier to grip. Moreover, the blade is unsharpened so its safe to display when curious children arrive to look at and inevitably touch your assortment.