Collectable Tactical Axes & Hatchets

Collectable Special Event Badges

Whether it's an event you attended or something you'd simply like a commemoration of, collectable special event badges are a neat item to own. Look for sports or occupational-related badges and pins, as well as those from religious ceremonies.

Collectable Sports Badges

One of the most popular types of collectable sports badges in Australia has to do with those from the Sydney Olympic Games. Look for a collection of badges to complete a set or simply opt for one to pin on your jacket. Most badges are pins, but some are cards that may require badge holders or a lanyard.

Religious Badges

After a religious event, such as a christening or baptism, often religious badges are handed out a souvenirs and commemorations. Look for these in bulk to hand out to guests, so that everyone fondly remembers the date.

Badges of Other Types

There are also badges of other types, such as those related to heroes of war, or authentic police badges of officers who have since retired. These badges are usually held in high reverence, and are not typically worn, but are kept as a commemoration of honour and service. There may also be badges related to specific clubs and groups.