Collectable Tazo Pickers and Dizks

Many kids and parents of the 1990's from around the world will remember the anticipation of opening a bag of potato chips, twisties, corn chips or other similar snack foods to see which Tazo piece they would find at the bottom. These little disks pictured with various movie, cartoon and football themes formed the basis of a flip style game to play and win against other Tazo collectors. A later Tazo collaboration with the Australian brand Hot Shots saw the release of Pickers disks. The Dragonball Z series in the 90's saw the release of Dizkz collectables.

Tazo Themes

Tazo's journey through snack packs around the globe started with Looney Tunes characters in 1994, and soon expanded to include characters from Disney films, the Simpsons, Beyblade, Pokémon, Star Wars, Shrek and many others over the next decade. Aussie edition AFL and NRL footy and rugby sets with Tazos featuring legends of the sports kicked in during the 2000's. Collections are popular by movie or character theme, or others seek Tazos that are as new and in their original unopened packets and unplayed state. Any with printing errors are particularly collectible. Whatever one's desire, there is an enormous variety to gather for enthusiasts.

Tazo Shapes and Materials

Originally produced as round shaped disks, Tazo disks are also in octagonal and rectangular shaped cards. Tazos are mostly plastic in construction, but you will also find some series that were manufactured in aluminium and on printed cardboard.

Accessories for Collecting Tazos, Pickers and Disks

Specially printed folders and albums for storing and displaying Tazos often appear in sales of full sets or bought and sold on their own as collector's items in their own right. Others protect and display their disk collections in plastic sleeves and containers. Keen collectors also hunt out promotional materials such as Tazo posters and display stands.