Have some fun with collectible toys

Collectible toys are often bought, played with, and kept as family heirlooms, and here on eBay you will find a cracking collection of toys for boys, girls, and collectors alike.

Families of collectible toys for your family

Adorable Beanie Boos are pocket friendly collectible toys that are soft and cuddly. The big-eyed baby creatures measure 6 inch and are available in a wide selection of colours and designs.

Ever popular LEGO mini figures are available in a variety of designs to complement complete LEGO building sets. The colourful plastic figures are supplied individually or in sets. Branded LEGO Simpsons and Harry Potter figures are also available.

Funko Pop! vinyl figures are cute ornamental characters that have an oversized head. The figures are available in an extensive range of popular characters from cartoons, movies and books.

Collectors are spoiled for choice when it comes to collectible Pokémon toys. Choose from hologram 3D collector cards in mixed random lots of 50, and premier edition and ultra rare cards. Original Tazos are an alternative option. If you prefer to collect cuddly Pokemon opt for rare plush Pocket Monsters.

Twozies are a range of cute babies and pets that especially appeal to younger kids. The miniature collections are available in packs of 15 and include surprise babies and surprise pets.

Collectible Beyblade toys that include a metal wheel, spin track, and performance tip. Collect the entire set and battle your mates in a plastic arena.

Accessories for your collectible toys

Themed backpacks are a ripper option for extending a toy collection. Choose a spacious "Harry Potter" multi storage pocket backpack to make your kid feel like a wizard at school.

Pack your kid's lunch in a stylish themed lunchbox. The cooler bags have an insulated lining that helps to keep lunch fresh and chilled until it's time to eat it. Choose from a variety of funky designs and styles.

Coles Little Shop

If there’s a Coles Little Shop item you failed to collect, you’re in luck, because you can get these mini collectables right here on eBay.

There are 30 items in Coles Little Shop with household brands (including Vegemite, Nutella and Mount Franklin Water) shrunk down into mini collectables to collect and swap.

The Coles Little Shop mini collectables are designed to be long lasting collectables that you can treasure for an extended period of time. The mini collectables are not intended for consumption.