Collectable Vintage Folding Knives

Collectable Vintage Folding Knives

Knife collecting has gained popularity in recent years and, while there are several different types of knives, all of which have the potential to make excellent collectors items, it is pocket knives that have become the knife of choice for many collectors. The folding pocket knife is so deeply ingrained in our history that most people have owned some kind of folding knife in their lifetime, most commonly during their childhood or teenage years.

The Earliest Collectable Vintage Folding Knives

While it may seem that folding knives would not date back more than a few hundred years, a study of folding knives shows that plain collectable vintage folding knives date back as early as the Iron Age, where they were originally constructed with handles made from antler bone. Perhaps, then, it is only the term ‘pocket knife’ that is relatively new, as it seems that collectable vintage folding knives predate the invention of the pocket! In more recent history, the 16th century saw the introduction of the ‘jack knife,’ named after Jacques de Liege, while the late 17th century sees Obadiah Barlow taking credit for the Barlow folding knife.

Collectable Vintage Factory Manufactured Folding Knives

A subset of folding knife collections are collectable vintage factory manufactured folding knives, given that folding knives were some of the first items to be mass produced. The 1500’s first saw penny knives and peasant knives becoming popular. After the industrial revolution, folding knives were mass produced to such an extent that they became widely accessible.

Choosing Collectable Vintage Folding Knives

When choosing collectable folding knives to add to your collection, look for blades made from precious metal or highly decorative handles, as these can be more valuable than plain folding knives. Be on the lookout for blades that do not extend all the way to the tip of the blade slot, as this is a good indication that the original blade tip has broken off and been filed back.