Collectable Yowies

Collectable Yowies were all the rage in the late 90s and finally made a welcome return when they relaunched in 2014. Started by Cadbury and Kidcorp, the confectionery brand featured animals of the bush, both mythical and real. It had a bunch of characters as well as their animal buddies designed by Geoff Pike and Bryce Courtenay. The chocolates coated a yowie-shaped plastic container, which you pulled apart to reveal the surprise toy inside. The contents are random, so you can collect all the Yowie characters and animals of the bush.


Collectable toys hidden inside treats have always appealed to kids’ love for sweets and surprises. It would always be such a great discovery to get the figurine you always wanted. However, if you don’t want to go through the motions of buying surprise toys and ending up with a bunch of duplicates, maybe collecting another line of toys is for you. For instance, think about your favourite animated series. Collect your favourite characters and stack them on your desk for adorable buddies to accompany you as you work, study, or play.

Anime and Cartoon Collectables

Another example of other collectable toys are small plastic discs featuring popular characters from hit anime series like Dragonball Z, Looney Tunes, and Pokemon. Play with friends to win their discs or simply collect them. If you want true depictions of characters you love, why not collect their figurines? Most premium brands strive hard to capture every little detail, from the strands of hair to the texture of their clothes, so you have a proper representation of your favourite protagonist to admire.


Take your collection hobby to new heights by creating your own realistic dioramas that you can proudly display in your home. From large building sets to particular scenes in your favourite show, there are many more to collect.