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How do you keep on top of collecting?
Many people find collecting as a hobby both fascinating and rewarding. Building a collection can be fun and satisfying. However, collections can get out of hand. Some collections start to take over the collector’s house. Some collections cost the collector too much money. Some collections start to take up too much of the collector’s time. So, what can be done to keep on top of a collection?
For collectors starting out, it’s a good idea to focus on a niche, instead of collecting items on a broad spectrum without any boundaries. For example, collections of trading cards could focus on one sports league or one team, instead of sport in general. Collections of Disney merchandise could focus on one movie or one genre, instead of Disney in its entirety. Focusing on one limited section can help prevent the collection from growing out of control, and it can actually be more satisfying for the collector; providing structure and focus within the collection.
It can also be a good idea to set a budget. This would be the limit a collector could spend on building a collection within a week, month or year. By creating a budget, the collector is less likely to get carried away, buying too many collectables, or one item that is too expensive. But as with any budget, this only works if it’s adhered to.
In creating a budget, it can also help to prioritise. Collectors who have a budget can prioritise the money they have available to spend on the items they really want. This can help prevent out-of-control collecting, and buying on a whim. Collectors should be sure they get value for money when buying collectables. eBay is ideal for this; allowing collectors to compare what’s on offer, as well as past and current prices.