Fill in the gaps with our huge selection of collectables

From carving knives to figurines, vinyl records to toys, if it's collectables you're after, eBay has you covered. You can shop by category, era and more to find those rare, cherished pieces you've always wanted to add to your collection.

A huge range of collectables for fans of all ages

History buffs can browse military collectables online, including important badges, medals, clothing and more from the first world war, second world war and other battles, as well as modern times. You'll find everything from simple dog tags through to military hats and ammunition boxes.

Another great historical collection is the tobacciana range, where you can shop by category and take a look at old lighters and cases, tins and signs.

Have you always had an interest in dinosaurs and other fossils? You can search for everything from shark teeth to dinosaur fossils, collectable shells to meteorites.

What gives collectables value?

Collectables are generally items that can be sold for more than you paid for them. For metals, it can be based on rarity. For other items, it can be based on both age or how many were produced or can be found. You also need to take into account the condition of the item – the better condition it is in, the more collectable it can be for many. But the main thing that makes an item truly collectable and gives them the highest value is the demand for it. If an item isn't in demand, it might not matter how old, rare or quality it is.

With millions of collectables online, eBay can help you start or fill in the gaps in your own personal collection. Whether you're an avid fan or just looking for something new and fun to get into, check out our huge selection today.