Although today’s makes and models are more powerful and have more perks, there’s just something special about owning a piece of automotive history. Whether you’re a fan of vintage Ford cars or have a soft spot for old Holden or Chevrolet vehicles, eBay has hundreds of collector cars from which to choose.

A brief history of the Ford Model T

Ford is one of the most iconic names in automobile history. The man behind the name, and the company, Henry Ford, got the ball rolling in 1908 with the introduction of the famous Model T. The car became the first of its kind that was affordable enough to be an option for a wide range of people. The car’s low price, which was substantially less than others at the time, was due to the fact that Ford was able to mass produce the vehicles using assembly lines. Such a system was uncommon back then. That was the beginning of an automotive empire that took the world by storm. In the decades since the creation of the Model T, Ford has gone on to produce many of the most popular cars and trucks in the world, dozens of which are available on eBay right now.

Tips for protecting your car from rust
One of the biggest dangers to collector cars is rust. This nasty process can quickly make a beautiful car or truck look worn and shabby. Luckily there are some things you can do to help prevent rust from getting the best of your favourite classic ride. For starters, washing and waxing the outside of your car is a must. Try to do this every week or two if possible. It’s important to remember to clean the underside of the car, where there is a lot of unprotected metal, as well. This is especially true if you live near the ocean. That is because salt in the air can build up and lead to rust. Keeping the inside of your car or truck dry is another good preventative measure. Interior dampness can lead to rust that eats through the vehicle. If there is a spill, dry it up as well as you can and remove the carpeting to check the floorboards if possible. Taking these precautions can protect your favourite collector car or truck from being a victim of damaging rust. If you’re looking for vintage car and truck parts or want to add to your collection of classic vehicles, make sure to check out everything available on eBay today.