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Colnago Bicycles

Competitive, ergonomic, and durable, Colnago has been the leader in producing champion-making Italian racing bicycles. Born in a family of farmers, Ernesto Colnago pursued his dreams of becoming a bike racer, but was forced out of his career because of a bad crash and started his legacy upon deciding to build bike frames when he opened his shop in 1952. Today, his vintage and modern designs influence the industry with their rigid construction and reliable engineering.

Bicycle Frames

The frame is the core of the bike; all the components would be meaningless if the frame were to crack from the rigours of riding. The design of Colnago bicycle frames have been honed for decades, adapting to the changing demands of competitive bike racing. Steel bike frames were the first the company ever made, and the material has since been replaced by modern carbon. Nonetheless, popular ones like the original Super, Arabesque, and Mega Rapid were some of the company’s most successful bike frames made of steel tubing.


Colnago vintage bicycles were made largely from steel tubing. As one of the first steel bikes the company ever made, the Colnago Super is a vintage bike any enthusiast would love. It features a game-changing bike frame with compact top tubes but low head tubes. The ride height was low, which created the new standard in racing due to its aerodynamic properties and lightweight construction as compared to popular frames at the time. Another exemplary example, the 1972 Colnago Mexico was a revision of the original Super, but the major difference was the use of thinner 4.10 Columbus SL tubes and inner reinforcements.

Other Notable Offerings

Aside from its world-famous steel bikes, Colnago bicycle frames adapted to the changing racing environment with the use of modern materials such as carbon tubing. These are rigid and lightweight, but costlier. Frames like the C60, which was produced in 2014, feature a carbon tube and frame bonded with lugs. It also has larger tubing diameters and thin walls to make it slightly lighter than its predecessor, the C59. The V2-r is a reiteration of the V1-r. While the weight remained unchanged at 835 grams, the revisions included a 13 percent increase in lateral rigidity and a 4 percent increase in steering manoeuvrability that makes the V2-r feel zippy when accelerating.

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