Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Show off your manicure with holographic nail polish

SNS, Shellac, and Bio Sculpture Gel: just when you thought all the nail trends had been discovered, there’s a new contender on the block: holographic nail polish. It’s the fastest way to add pizzazz to your outfit – and it doesn’t cost you an expensive trip to the nail salon!

From the comfort of your own couch, you can recreate holographic nails just like your favourite beauty bloggers. All you need to do is shop online on eBay for Color Club’s range of holographic nail polish. With cute and funky names like Miss Bliss, We’ll Never Be Royals, and Don’t Kale My Vibe, you’ll want to get one of each colour

How does holographic nail polish work?

Made up of sparkling, prism-like pigments and powders, when sunlight bounces off your nails, it will appear as if rainbows are bursting out of your fingertips. How’s that for magic?

It might look like a lot of work, but all you need are a few tools to get holo nails. Simply apply a base of two coats of your chosen gel colour (it’s a good idea to go really pale, as you want your nails to be all about the colour on top.) Then, apply a gel topcoat that the holographic powder will stick onto. Finally, apply a holographic powder before sealing everything in, including the sides. Et voilà – now you have nails that sparkle like a unicorn’s wings!

Besides your face, your hands are the first thing that friends and strangers look at, so you want them to always look hot. Take your manicure obsession to the next level with a range of nail art accessories, cuticle treatments, and much more on eBay.

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