Find amazing prices on a range of beauty products with Colourpop and eBay 

Look your best with Colourpop, a wallet-friendly way to extend your makeup options and add a huge splash of colour to your look! Colourpop products are animal-friendly and made in-house to ensure that you get great quality makeup at an even better price. 

Give your lips a fresh look with the many colour options of Colourpop lipsticks available on eBay. Choose the ultra matte liquid, satin finishes, metallic or glossy looks. There are options to suit every look and style! Colourpop lipstick is full of fine pigments which give you long-wearing, vibrant colour no matter what shade your skin tone is. They are easy to apply and available in a range of finishes to keep your lips looking fresh. They also include natural antioxidants which protect your lips from environmental stressors as well as premature aging. 

The Colourpop eyes selection has a range of colours to choose from including the new, and very popular, Disney Villains collection. These glittery shades can add a sinister touch to your look in the vein of a Cruella, Evil Queen or Ursula. You may also like the SuperNova Shadow in high shine liquid metal, full of glitter, and infused with water for a longer wear and versatile look. This can be used as a base or as a topper! 

Colourpop offers an inexpensive way to look fabulous while also supporting cruelty-free products that are tested on humans instead of animals. Check out the range on eBay and step up your makeup game!