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Combo Guitar Amplifiers

So, you've found your dream guitar and now you need an amplifier to go with it. Or maybe you want to buy an amplifier and guitar setup but you just don't know what to look for, either way, there are a range of combo guitar amplifiers on eBay from brands such as Roland, Line 6, Blackstar and Fender.

Combo Tube Amplifier

A tube amplifier is ideal for the guitar player who is looking to get a fat and warm tone. They offer a very raw and pure form of distortion and they also have the ability to reach a higher volume. A tube amp or guitar amplifier also has many different channels. This enables the person who is playing the guitar to use their guitar amp to change from clean to distorted without having to use a pedal or accessory.

Combo Hybrid Amplifier

A hybrid amplifier uses a tube and a solid state power source. This ultimately gives you all of the benefits of a tube amp without the need to replace the power tube every couple of years. A guitar amplifier that utilises hybrid technology is considered to be the best option for both beginners and experts who want a long-running amp that needs very little maintenance. A hybrid guitar amp can also go to high volumes, but don't offer as much body as traditional tube amps. Hybrid combo amps are available from brands such as Fender, Gibson, Orange, Vox and more.

Classic Combo Amps

A classic combo amp can come with a huge range of features. This includes reverb, delay and distortion. These can be altered directly on the combo amp without the need for an additional pedal. The guitar plugs into the combo amp and they are very easy to transport as they do not require a separate head to power the amplifier.

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