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That single dash through the park could offer your best friend more than just a fun time out on a Saturday morning stroll, as outdoor areas with long grass are flea and tick playgrounds. When you see signs of your dog going crazy chewing and scratching himself, act fast with Comfortis for dogs.

There's nothing worse than seeing your pet pooch infected by tiny, almost-invisible enemies. Fleas and other parasites can harm your dog if left untreated, and can lead to hairlessness, hives and welts. No matter how cautious you are, fleas have a habit of finding their way to your pet. However, there is a way to prevent and get rid of fleas on dogs.

Effects of fleas on your dog

When a flea bites your dog, their saliva causes severe itching. Your pet may scratch and bite excessively around its tail, groin or backside. Bumps may also appear. In many cases, anemia may occur as so many fleas will suck their blood. Your dog may also be infected with tapeworm if it ingests an infected flea.

How to treat your dog with Comfortis

Comfortis is one of the most effective dog flea tick remedies on the market today. Give your dog these chewable beef-flavoured tablets in their meals once a day that they ingest. The active ingredient, spinosad, works on the nervous system of the pests, which inevitably leads to their death.

Preventing future infestations

In addition to using Comfortis, you should frequently vacuum the areas where your dog tends to spend their time. Pay particular attention to the carpeted areas in your home. Your dog's bed may also be harbouring these tiny bloodsuckers, so throw out the old one and invest in a new dog bed. You can find plenty of comfortable dog beds online at discount prices.

It is important that you act fast and protect your dog with the right products. Don't forget, a Comfortis dog is a happy, healthy dog.

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