Comfort is on the way with Comfortis pet products from eBay   

Dogs are man’s best friend. So shouldn’t your four-legged friend feel like it?   One of the ways you can spread the love is by helping prevent the spread of fleas that can turn a happy, tail-wagging pupper into a miserable, itchy canine with potentially long-lasting damage. Luckily for you and your precious pooch, eBay’s massive range of dog supplies includes Comfortis flea and tick treatments.    

How do dogs get fleas? 

Dogs get fleas from coming into contact with other animals and environments in which the insects are present.   

What makes fleas so frustrating for pet owners is just how easily they can move from one host or location to another. One of the most endearing features of a good dog is his or her lust for life, running around new environments and sniffing, digging and rolling around with joy. Unfortunately, what gives dogs joy can also give them fleas. Wild animals and other pets can have a few fleas hiding on them, which can then easily find their way into your dog’s coat and set up a colony.   

When you buy Comfortis flea treatment online from eBay, you can help minimise the chances your dog comes back from a session out in the yard, in the park or on the forest trail with fleas and ticks. Chewable, beef-flavoured tablets cater to two things dogs love (eating and meat) and start killing fleas in 30 minutes, before the pests can lay eggs.   

While delicious dog food and squeaky, chewy dog toys will keep your dog happy, making sure to include regular doses of Comfortis flea and tick treatments can be an important part of canine health, too. Check out eBay today to find something that fits you and your pet.