Comic Book Hero Action Figures

Comic Book Hero Action Figures

Comic books and comic book movies have never been more popular, appealing to children and adults alike. Action figures of these characters have long been played with by kids as well as valued by avid collectors. Comic book hero action figures and statues come in all sorts of styles, so it’s important you know what you’re getting.

DC Comics Collectibles

One of the biggest names in the comic book world, DC Comics has been entertaining people with superhero stories for over 70 years. DC Comics comic book hero action figures feature all of the best known characters from Superman, to Wonder Woman and of course Batman. DC Comics action figures take inspiration from not only comic books, but movies, cartoons and TV shows, like the Flash action figure from the current TV series.

Marvel Action Figures

The other mainstay in comics, Marvel have a seemingly infinite number of collectible action figures all on their own. Marvel comic book hero action figures depict their incredibly popular characters from mediums like cartoons, movies and comic books. Action figures of heroic characters like Spider-man, Captain America and the X-Men can be found reflecting both their cinematic and comic book looks, not to mention villains and anti-heroes.

Pop Vinyl

Most comic book themed collectible action figures feature designs based around whatever medium they’re adapting, be it comic books, animated cartoons or movies. Funko’s Pop Vinyl statues on the other hand, are all created in the distinctive Pop Vinyl style, transcending comic book publisher or source media.

Beyond Comic Books

While comic books and action figures share a close relationship, they’re not the only characters immortalised by collectible action figures. In fact, there are action figures based on characters from across pop culture, with TV, movie and video game action figures some of the most popular out there. Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and so many more all have their own respective figures and collectibles for fans to enjoy.