How to choose commercial coffee machines

Commercial coffee machines are a baristas best friend, allowing the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee to run through your café or coffee shop. Commercial coffee machines can seem complicated, but once you learn how they function, you'll be able to choose the right commercial coffee machine for your business.

How do commercial coffee machines work?

Commercial coffee machines can vary from model to model, but all work in relatively the same way. In its simplest terms, hot water and steam filter through coffee grinds to gather the coffee oil and produce an aromatic cup of coffee. While there are several variables that will affect the coffee's taste and temperature, most commercial coffee machines are automatic, allowing the barista to input preferences to brew again and again. Commercial coffee machines are usually used alongside other machines like commercial coffee grinders, with the coffee maker being the final step.

How do I choose a commercial coffee machine?

Choosing the right commercial coffee & tea equipment for your business can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are a few tips to help you get the coffee machine you deserve. The first tip is to choose the automation you want. Most commercial coffee makers are semi-automatic or automatic. Semi-automatic machines are able to automatically control pressure, but require the barista to control other operations such as water flow. Automatic machines are much like semi-automatic but also control the water flow. When choosing your commercial coffee machine, you should also ensure you know which size will fit in your space. Commercial coffee machines can take up a lot of space, so choosing the machine that will fit best is a must.

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