Commercial Ice Machines

Restaurant Ice Machines

All types of restaurants, such as a fast food joint, a fancy dinner place, or a small motel with a 24/7 dine-in restaurant, needs an ice machine. Many hotels, fancy motels and bed and breakfast places also invest in small ice machines and dispensers for each floor to provide convenience to their consumers. Restaurant ice machines are a necessary item in any kitchen. Where there are drinks, you are sure to find an ice machine.

Countertop Ice Makers

Countertop ice makers are extremely portable and are a popular choice for modern hotels and motels. These are also purchased by household consumers as well. Countertop ice makers are usually available in 3 sizes and can produce up to 12-20 ice cubes every 10 minutes. They also produce ice cubes in different sizes depending on the need of the user and are extremely portable and easy to use. Fancy hotel and villas with bars in the rooms also have countertop ice makers with coffee makers in their rooms.

Variety of Unbranded Ice Machines

There is a large variety of unbranded restaurant ice machines available in the market which work as well as their branded counterparts. Large commercial ice makers are ideal for large restaurants and are able to produce up to 65 kg of ice every 24 hours. These commercial ice makers are usually used by fast food joints and bars.

Commercial Blizzard Professional Modular

Large hotels with various restaurants functioning inside them usually invest in commercial blizzard professional modular machines. These commercial ice machines are able to produce up to 180-600 kg of ice every 24 hours. These machines come with 2 year warranties and have storage capacity of up to 45 kg of ice. It is very important to maintain the commercial blizzards and have them checked up every 2 months since they are a huge investment and their repairs cost a lot once the warranty period expires.

Commercial Ice Machine Afterpay

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