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Commercial Paper Towels

Commercial Paper Towels

Using modern commercial hand dryers might be a more economical bathroom solution, but if you prefer paper towels theres still plenty to choose from. Commercial paper towels offer versatility in appearance and use. With plenty designs to choose from, they can even be viewed as decorative accessories in your office space.

Quality and Cost

When purchasing any commercial bathroom supplies, cost is always one of the decisive factor. Single-ply, two-ply, three-ply or exclusive four-ply paper does not come at the same price. More layers means a higher price not only for commercial paper towels, but for any roll or napkin. Colour or texture also affect pricing, so the more luxurious it looks and feels, the pricier it becomes.

Recycled Paper Towels

There is also a huge difference in price between commercial paper towels made from recycled and non-recycled paper. Recycled paper is considered lower grade, as it doesnt come out snow-white. However, it is also cheaper and might work toward your companys image. Using recycled paper is environmentally friendly, so purchasing it instead of non-recycled might be both good for your image and your pocket.

Consider Fixtures

When selecting paper its also highly important to take into consideration your paper dispenser in place. If you are not equipping your office for the first time, the paper dispensers you have will limit the types of paper towels you can purchase. Choose compatible paper and if appearance is important, choose a design that matches the colours of the surroundings.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Paper towels come in various colours as well, and you can even use different colours and quality for different locations. This includes the company kitchen where towels have more versatile use than the bathroom. Finer paper in the kitchen where people might use it to wipe their mouth or wrap food makes a lot of sense. In addition, the usual volume of paper used in the kitchen is lower compared to the bathroom, so investing a bit more in the kitchen paper towels might not drastically impact your overall savings.

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