Commercial Sausage Stuffing Machines

Restaurant Sausage Fillers

Do you want to create delectable homemade sausages for your restaurant in a flash? With the help of restaurant sausage fillers and other restaurant kitchen equipment, you can be serving up juicy sausages in no time. Knowing more about commercial sausage fillers can make the buying choice easier.


People who are in the market for restaurant kitchen equipment, like the restaurant sausage filler, have a variety of options to choose from for large and small businesses. Some of the more common styles include the horn sausage filler, vertical sausage filler and horizontal sausage filler. While horn sausage fillers are exclusively manual models, horizontal and vertical sausage fillers come in both manual and electric options. The most popular type of sausage stuffer is the vertical sausage stuffer because there are restaurant supplies for both professionals and novices. Restaurants that produce large amounts of sausages typically tend to lean toward electric sausage stuffer models.

Manual Sausage Stuffers

No matter which style of sausage stuffer restaurant owners choose to use, the technique for using the equipment is the same. Some large-capacity manual hand-crank sausage fillers may require the aid of additional personnel to keep abreast of the high-capacity output and keep sausages uniform in shape and texture. One person operates the crank while the second person ensures that the flow and speed of the sausage remains steady and no air pockets accumulate within the casing.

Electric Sausage Stuffers

Electric sausage fillers may be a good solution for a one-person sausage link operation. Many electric sausage fillers come with a footswitch that turns the stuffer on and off. Electric fillers with the footswitch option allow the worker to utilise both hands to keep the sausage within the casing at the proper speed and meat filling requirements.

Final Touches

Once the restaurant sausage filler operation is underway, it may also be time to consider which type of kitchen equipment is preferable for cooking the finished product. Cooking sausages in a skillet may be convenient for small orders; however, restaurants that serve a large number of sausages may want to consider using grills or restaurant fryers to cook their tasty sausages to perfection.