Compactors & Asphalt Rollers

Heavy Machinery Compactors

Compactors, or also known as plate compactors, are important pieces of heavy equipment that users need to flatten out different ground surfaces and make them more even. This form of heavy machinery looks a lot like a lawn mower. Using one can level areas for building or planting with greater ease.

Types of Compactors

Compactors are typically classified based on their power, size, and function. Some examples include tamper compactors that use large amounts of force and vibration to remove air pockets from soil, and rolling compactors that are very large and people generally utilize for larger construction projects.

Type of Ground

Choosing the right kind of compactor for the ground you will use them on is important for the best output. Soil vibratory heavy machinery compactors and asphalt vibratory heavy machinery compactors would have different capabilities, so be mindful of the type of ground the compactor will be working on.

Buying Tips

When buying a compactor, the first thing to remember is the larger the compactor, the more force is it bound to produce, and usually that means a steeper price tag. Survey the area that you planning to use the compactor at before you make the purchase, and also consider how much effort you can afford to expend when carrying out the surface flattening, as that may also affect how much power you will need from the device.

Safety Considerations

Compacting the ground using a compactor can pose safety risks, so ensure that you have protective wear, such as safety glasses, safety boots, and ear protection before tackling a new project. Also ensure that you understand how to operate the compactor before you begin, as this will help you to avoid any mistakes that could result in an accident.