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Compaq Laptops and Notebooks

Compaq, a sub-brand of Hewlett-Packard, sells a variety of laptops and notebooks for business and study purposes. Notebooks are smaller and more compact than laptops and are ideal for lighter individual use. Compaq laptops and notebooks have sturdy, reliable designs and are efficient to run.

Cost Effective

Compaq laptops and notebooks are an ideal budget option for both individuals such as students, as well as businesses. They are an excellent value and many are available as second hand purchases. Parts are also available for refurbishment, repair or training and hobby purposes.


Compaq laptops and notebooks come in a range of specifications. As a mid-range brand, Compaq laptops and notebooks are dependable and versatile. Memory varies between 1 GB and 8 GB of RAM, with the 2 GB laptops and notebooks and 4 GB laptops and notebooks being the most common. Onboard memory storage ranges between 128 GB and 1 TB, with 320 GB and 500 GB being the most common. Most also have dual processors with approximately 2.0 to 2.9GHz processing speed. Screen size is usually small to make the notebooks more portable, and ranges between 12.5 and 17 inches. They have a longer battery life due to their lower power requirements, and generally come with a charger. Most Compaq laptops and notebooks have Windows OS installed, although they also support Linux OS.


Sturdy designs are a feature of most Compaq laptops and notebooks. They’re solid devices made of thick plastic and are able to withstand a little bumping around. Laptops and notebooks are available in standard colours like silver, black and grey. They feature a small central touchpad with two buttons beneath a full-size keyboard. They have ports for USB, audio, microphone, ethernet, HDMI and VGA inputs.

Other models

More expensive notebooks are also available from HP and include the Envy, Chromebook, Elitebook and Presario. These offer highly improved hardware with increased cost.