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Complete Outboard Engines

If you’re looking for a new motor from top manufacturers such as Mercury, Yamaha or HP, check out the hundreds of great options available today from the sellers on eBay.

Boat safety

Once you hook up your new outboard engine, make sure to grab a few important items to make sure you can enjoy your time out on the water safely. Life preservers or life jackets are always a great idea to have on hand in case somebody falls in the water, especially if you or your passengers aren’t strong swimmers. Paddles are also recommended items to have with you. If disaster strikes and your engine stops working, paddles can give you a way to get back to safety or at least move toward help. Of course, having a small first aid kid wouldn’t hurt, either. Even if your boat only seats one or two people comfortably, these items won’t take up too much room and will help you and fellow passengers can have a fun, safe time.

What are 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines?

When you look at outboard engines online, you might see some described as 2 stroke or 4 stroke. These classifications refer to how many times the piston needs to move up and down in the combustion chamber in order to complete a power cycle. So, 2 stroke (also known as 2 cycle) engines require the piston to go up and down twice. A 4 stroke engine requires four such movements. 2 stroke engines have fewer components and are therefore lighter and smaller than 4 stroke engines. Despite being smaller, 2 stroke engines run hotter, consume more fuel and lubricating oil and are noisier. However, they can also be more affordable than 4 stroke engines.  Regardless of the type of vessel you have, boat safety is something everybody should keep in mind every time they hit the water. But the size of your craft and your boating habits could have an effect on what type of outboard engine is best for you. Check out all the offerings on eBay and find what suits your needs today. 

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