Hear that? It's the sound of eBay's strong collection of Comply earbuds 

Do you have a passion for pure sound quality? Sounds like it's time for you to Comply. Comply's patented foam tips provide an earphone solution for the ultimate listening experience. So whether you use earbud headphones, noise cancellation earbuds or another type of in-ear device, fitting them out with Comply's easy-to-use products mean you'll never listen to anything the same way again. 

How do Comply foam tips work? 

Comply foam tips use a unique viscoelastic memory foam technology. They conform to the shape of your ear canal at body temperature for a dynamic custom fit. Because your ear canal shape and size change with movement and temperature, your Comply ear buds change with you. Low frequency energy is sealed in so bass doesn't leak out and you hear richer sound. Do you struggle with earbuds falling out? Comply's materials are engineered to provide optimal friction, so tips stay put. Optional built-in filters protect your earphones from wax and debris or sweat. Their flexible core comes in multiple sizes, too, with tips to fit most earphones. 

What brands are compatible with Comply? 

Comply's foam tips can be used with hundreds of big name headphone brands. Bose, Sennheiser, Sony, Marshall, Jabra, Fitbit, Audio-Technica and many more can get the Comply treatment. Just make sure to double check your model with Comply's official compatibility chart. 

Say goodbye to ear fatigue 

Comply's foam is 30 times softer than traditional silicone earbuds, so you can listen longer in comfort. Even better, the company's thicker design delivers enhanced sound at lower volume, which makes for safer listening. 

Does all that sound good? Browse Comply headphones and earbuds on eBay and revolutionise the way you listen.