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Computer 2 Monitor Mounts & Stands

Computer Monitor Mounts and Stands

Having a computer monitor stand can be just what you need to help to streamline and better organise your workflow. A monitor riser allows you to have more room on your desk surface to give you a more minimalistic approach to your workspace or to allow room for more of your work essentials. Some options allow you to mount both your laptop and your screen or your screen and keyboard, and these choices ultimately help you to make the most of your workspace and give it more functionality.

Desk Mounted Stands

Having a desk-mounted monitor stand works well for most workstations. With the monitor stand attached to your desk by either a clamp or a fixed mount, you can move your desk wherever you like in your space and not be tethered to where your screen is. Monitor stands come in a wide array of options to accommodate size, quantity, style and more.

Multiple Screen Mount

A dual monitor arm allows you to connect two monitors for a larger viewing area. You can also affix a dual mount to your laptop, tablet or keyboard. There are also computer monitor stands that allow you to hold three or four or as many as six monitors on one mount. Consider how you work and what you need out of your workspace when choosing a dual-computer monitor mount.

Size and Colour

Be sure to match the size of your monitor to the size of the mount or stand you choose, because one size does not fit all when it concerns dual monitor arms. Different mounts have specific weight and size limits. Stands and mounts are also available in assorted colours, woods and heights to allow you to keep with your existing office decor or to match the colour of your monitor or laptop.


Choose from brands like ErgoArm, Hewlett-Packard, Ergotron and more. Monitor mounts and stands intend to make working at your desk easier on your body, and many brands design their mounts and stands with your comfort in mind.

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