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Computer AMD Motherboards

Building your own computer can be both daunting and exciting. You get to choose the most powerful components that allow you to achieve the best performance and complete tasks with ease. All parts work as a whole and each part of the system is thus important. Computer motherboards are crucial components because they connect all the others and help them communicate with one another. Typically, motherboards include sockets for specific processor types and if you have an AMD processor, you should choose a motherboard that can support it.

Form Factor

AMD computer motherboards are available in three standard sizes: micro-ATX, mini-ITX and ATX. The physical size of the board not only determines whether you end up with a big computer or a compact version, but also what kinds of sockets and ports you can use. ATX boards feature the most slots, about five PCI or PCI-Express slots, while the micro-ATX boards usually have only three slots and the mini-ITX have even less.


The chipset of the motherboard determines what kind of processor you can use with it. Moreover, it also dictates the type and speed of memory. If you need more memory and faster performance from your computer, choose a motherboard with lots of memory slots.


Features are not necessary for the motherboard to work, but they are useful extras, which make using the device more enjoyable. Features often include audio or RAID controller and on-board wireless connection. Having more features than you actually need is not a problem because you could turn them off. It is better to have them than not, as you then do not need separate expansion cards to add those features.

Processor Compatibility

Generally, a motherboard has a specific processor socket type on it, determining the physical packaging of the AMD processor you can use with it. Before purchasing the motherboard, think of the CPU you intend to use and choose the motherboard accordingly. Socket AM3 computer motherboards and socket AM2 computer motherboards are common options for AMD processors because these socket types are specifically for AMD.