Computer Anti Theft Locks Kits

Running your own business from a laptop or writing important papers for university from your dorm desktop? It’s important to protect your device from potential thieves, which could result in a loss of business or a costly replacement. There are different ways you can add a level of safety to your office: by physically securing your device to an immovable object with laptop and desktop anti-theft key locks or investing in fingerprint reader anti-theft locks and kits to control who has access.

Anti-theft Cable Locks

An anti-theft cable lock attaches to a strong anchor point in your office, such as a desk or cubicle wall that are not easy to steal. Some desks come with grommets that you can thread your anti-theft cable lock through or you can purchase attachable anchors. It’s possible that a burglar could cut through the cable with wire cutters or damage the laptop by yanking it off. But most are looking for something they can grab quickly and a cable lock will probably deter them.

Who Should Invest in a Security Cable

For some people, the cost of their laptop is not just in the value of the hardware, but the intellectual property it contains. If you’re running your own business, chances are the loss of your computer or laptop could cause undue stress and exorbitant costs to recover lost information. Hackers often target corporate laptops so they have access to company reports and customer data, which could result in serious implications for the business.

Lock Slots

Many laptops have an in-built security slot that cable locks can easily connect to and you should check what kind of slot you have to make sure it matches. The Kensington Security Slot has been a standard for most PCs for the last two decades, although some models use a design from Noble Locks. Apple doesn’t add laptop lock slots to its MacBooks, but you can find cable locks that attach to the laptops’ rubber feet or clamp onto the lid.

Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint readers are another good option for your electronic safety, requiring your unique fingerprint to unlock and sign into your laptop or computer. They are a simple and convenient device that doesn’t require any software to install and will recognise your fingerprint within a split second.