Computer Cable Crimping Tools

Network Cable Crimping Tools

Even in this age of Wi-Fi, it’s still faster and more reliable if you can manage to hook a computer or other device up via Ethernet cable. That can be a bit of a task though, as you’ll have to run an Ethernet cable from your modem to your desktop or TV. In order to tuck those cables away where you can’t see them and can’t trip over them, you’ll probably need your cables to be of a particular length. If you really want to set your home network up to be tidy and easily managed/maintained, you’ll need cables that are of a particular length, except Ethernet cables only come in specific, fixed lengths. To get a cable of the particular length you require, you’ll need a network cable crimping tool.


It’s easy enough to shorten a network cable with a crimping tool. The first thing you’ll need is to figure out how long you need the cable to be and cut it to that length. You can just use a pair of scissors for this. Next, you strip the outer casing of tough plastic from the cable, exposing the individual strands inside. Make sure you didn’t nick any of those strands with your tool, you don’t want to find out the cable is damaged after finishing the installation. The next step is to separate out all the strands and untwist them. Then arrange them in the correct order. This is a bit of a complicated topic, and how you need to order them depends on how you’re using the cable. You should be able to find this information online. Finally, slide the connector onto the cable-ends and crimp the whole thing to make sure it stays put.

Tools and Accessories

Besides the crimper, you’ll of course also need some network cables and adapters. The cables will come with one adapter on each end, but if you’re going to be cutting and dividing it up you’ll need more adapters so that all of the new ends you create can actually be plugged in somewhere. If you’re putting together a custom computer set-up you may also want to have a look at other computer cabling tools that you might need.