Keeping spaces tidy with computer cable ties & organizers

Wiring and cable installations can create a bit of a mess around the office or home – not to mention a safety hazard – but you can easily tidy things up with the help of computer cabling tools and computer cable ties and organizers from eBay.

Spiral wraps

Power cord management is nice and efficient when using a flexible computer cable spiral wrap. You simply pull the organizer straight down over the cables and fasten with the clip provided. These cable organizers have an approximate diameter of 13mm and length of 250cm.

Cable winders

For delicate AV wires, colour-coded cord straps help you identify different cables in future. These multi-purpose, reusable items commonly come in packs of 10 and are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Cable covers

Neoprene cable covers offer a more comprehensive cable protection solution. They feature a zip to quickly free the close and free the cables as required, along with small slits to run the cables out when the zipper is shut. Another advantage is the extra length and width of the sleeves, allowing all types of cables such as USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, ethernet, power cables and more. It’s also possible to zip multiple cables together into a single larger bundle.

Cable clips

If you don’t need to completely cover the computer cables, consider using basic yet effective clips and clamps that secure the end of the cable to the base and prevent it from moving around or getting in the way. Some brands, such as Baseus, even use magnetic buttons, making the clips compatible with round or flat cables of various sizes.