Switch on and stay on with the right computer cables and connectors

We may live in an era where wireless technology is evolving rapidly, but in reality, we still rely heavily on wired connectivity and power for many computer applications.

Whether setting up your IT and/or audio-visual equipment for the home office, study, living room or bedroom, you will almost certainly require a host of different computer cables and connectors to provide quality performance and sufficient networking speed. These computer hardware accessories are essential for work for being able to work, connect, share, browse and of course play your favourite computer games online! Shop for leading brands like ORICO, CABAC, BitFenix and many more.

USB cables, hubs & adapters

The various types of USB cable, hubs and adapters you might need include hub/splitter boxes, adapter/converters, coupling connectors, conversion cables and extension cables. The main USB connector types are USB standard type A male, USB standard type A female, USB type B male, USB type C male, USB type C female, USB type micro-A male, USB type micro-B male, USB type mini-B male, and USB type micro-A female.

Monitor/AV cables & adapters

For monitor connections and other visual applications, use the appropriate monitor/AV cable and adapter products for your system such as DisplayPort cables, DVI cables, HDMI cables, VGA/SVGA cables, AV adapter/converters and conversion cables.

Networking cables & adapters

When it’s all about that reliable, high-speed internet connection, make sure you have direct access to new or quality used networking cables and adapters including Ethernet cables; splitters, couplers and adapters; fibre optic cables; DSL/phone cables; and Coaxial network cables. Wherever your devices are placed, cables between 1 ft and 25 ft in length or more will make connections easy.

Power cables & connectors

In terms of pure power, you need common computer power cables and connectors to get your gear switched on and staying on. Connector types include 24 pin, 6+6 pin, 8 pin PCI express, Figure 8 female, IEC/Kettle male, and more.

If it’s time to get your computer equipment powered and connected, launch your product search on eBay today.