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Computer Case Mods, Stickers and Decals

As an everyday item, it makes sense that you may want to personalise and accessorise your laptop to `make it your own. Although there are heaps of different laptop desktop accessories, computer case mods, stickers and decals offer the most opportunities to customise the appearance of your laptop or Macbook.

One of the most popular ways to personalise the case of your laptop or macbook is with decal stickers. Decal stickers typically go on the back of your laptop screen, reflecting your own personal interests and style. While some decals go with any type of computer, there are decals that work best with specific models. For instance, Macbook decals cleverly incorporate the backlight of your Macbook into their design, whether it’s being held by Snow White or as Big Ben the clock.

If you’re looking to completely transform the outward appearance of your laptop or Macbook, then laptop skins are the way to go. Featuring any number of different images, designs, quotes and patterns, laptop skins cover the entire face of your personal computer, fitting your computer’s measurements to a tee. With laptop skins, you’re able to fully personalise your computer.

The next step from laptop stickers and computer skins are PC case mods, which let you alter the actual design of your computer. One of the most simple mods is to make use of computer case LED lighting to add a little atmosphere, but PC case mods can go far beyond that. Case mods can lead to a total transformation to the look of your computer, often styled in an elaborate fantasy or science fiction manner.

Rather than customising the laptop itself, laptop sleeves offer a chance for personalisation while also being a protective case. With just as many as customisation as laptop stickers and laptop skins, sleeves also feature a padded interior and zipper, providing some protection while transporting them during the course of your day.