Computer Cases, Parts and Accessories

Custom built PCs are often cheaper than store bought models, but they require some technical knowledge to assemble. The most fundamental structural component when building a PC is the computer case or tower, which holds all the other parts. Motherboards, graphic cards and hard drives are all mounted within the case, which protects sensitive electronics, and provides cooling. Many cases are much larger than the electronics they contain as internal spacing between components is important to ensure airflow.

Computer Cases

Computer cases come in a variety of sizes, designs and colours. Most are upright with an internal metal frame and either a metal or plastic shell. More advanced models may have inbuilt LEDs, glass sidings and coolant fans. While many computer cases are rectangular in shape, others have additional molding and designs with plastic and metal being used to create non-functional visual effects. Many computer cases have a CD/DVD player/burner, though with the increase of digital media this is becoming less common. A power button and power light can be found on the front, along with any USB ports and audio jacks. Computer cases have easily removable side panels, usually fastened with screws, that allow access to internal components. If cleaning inside a computer case, use an air duster spray, as moisture and physical contact with certain parts can negatively impact performance or damage them.

Computer Parts and Accessories

Computer case parts and accessories are numerous, some being decorative and others functional. Decorative accessories include LED lighting strips, desktop case stickers, coloured cable ties and custom designed covers for internal components like CPU fans. Functional accessories include mounting brackets for hard drives (both simple steel and shock absorbing types), anti-vibration silicone fan screws, dust filter covers for fan intakes and brackets, fans and cooling units, heatsinks and power supplies. Tools such as small screwdrivers and tweezers are also available for repairs and replacement of components.