Cool Computer Cases for Your Build

Whether you're building or rehousing a PC, a computer case doesn't just provide protection to delicate components – it also offers cooling through fan placement and air flow, along with the meticulous organisation of the parts required to get your computer running. However, a computer case can also be good-looking.

There are a wealth of colour and lighting options available on eBay, and no reason to stick with old-fashioned grey or black unless you specifically want to. You can also find a range of computer accessories like fans, power supplies, and cables.

Cooler Master computer cases for gaming

Cooler Master has a great reputation for producing computer cases that are tough, well-made, and ideal for gaming computers. Gaming tends to require a lot of speed and performance from a computer, and that produces large amounts of heat. And that's where Cooler Master got its name – from providing cases that could handle gaming and keep computer components from overheating. These days, it offers a range of cases from utilitarian to uniquely shaped and brilliantly lit showpieces. One of the most popular for gamers is the MasterCase range, with RGB lighting and vertical air flow.

Antec cases for versatility

Antec has also built a reputation for quality computer cases, although its gaming designs tend to be a bit more flashy than many other brands. Its Prizm and Dark Phantom series are popular with gamers thanks to angular good looks and ample use of strategic lighting – particularly around fans. They tend to offer tempered glass sides, which provide transparency into componentry and can be greatly useful when diagnosing any hardware issues that might occur.

Silverstone for business PCs

While Silverstone does offer gaming cases, it's probably better known for its other offerings. It produces cases for desktop, slimline, server, and rack-mounted systems. The brand has a reputation for long-lasting quality and catering to a wide range of form factors.

You’ll find these three brands, and more, on eBay so start browsing today.