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  Components and Parts   

Whether building a computer from the ground up, or simply making a few fixes and adjustments, there are plenty of components, parts, tools and supplies to invest in that are essential to the process. Home to a massive range of computer components and parts, eBay is the go-to destination for all rebuild and fix-it projects. Looking for extra RAM? Allowing computers to multi-task more efficiently, RAM lets multiple apps and programs run side-by-side. If a computer has insufficient RAM to run the apps and programs open, it then falls back on its hard drive to accomplish requested tasks, making the entire system slower. Solution? Adding memory (RAM) can provide a very workable solution.   For gamers, their system needs to be able to handle and deliver high quality audio and graphics provided by the latest games. To aid them in this quest, sound cards and graphics and video cards can help improve gaming quality by reducing lag and pixelation. Replacing the motherboard or CPU (central processing unit) can also provide a way to increase performance in a rebuild, albeit with slightly more involvement than changing out a graphics card. But, whether installing sound and graphics cards for quick fixes, or creating a whole new body with new CPUs and processors, motherboards and power supplies, the place to shop is eBay. From network interface cards and power supply testers, to fans, heatsinks and cooling, there is a huge selection of parts and components to choose from, perfect for almost any project.   

Rebuilding with Quality  

 While cheap parts and components can seem tempting, they don’t often provide high levels of quality. Cheap gear may work well for a short time, but it will generally need to be replaced much faster than high quality parts and components. If there is a certain budget to stick to, try to balance quality with price, taking brand into account when making a decision. At eBay, buyers can check out big brand stores such as OfficeWorks, Dick Smith and Bing Lee, or compare what’s on offer from other eBay stores and private sellers. eBay’s Buying Guides can be another handy source of information, providing valuable info on upgrades and fixes.