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Ergonomic Computer Keyboards and Numeric Keypads

Keyboards are essential computer accessories. They are input devices used to program software, execute processes, navigate menus and input all kinds of commands and text. Without keyboards, it is almost impossible to instruct a computer what to do. The typical keyboard has approximately 110 keys. Keyboards can take any of the following key arrangements, QWERTY, HCESAR, QWERTZ and AZERTY and can be modified differently depending on their intended use. For instance, ergonomics keyboards may be fitted with a PS2 interface while gaming keyboard may be fitted with LED backlights to give better user experiences.

Wired and Wireless Keyboards

Ergonomic computer keyboards and numeric keypads can either be wired or wireless. As the name suggests wired keyboards use wires/cords to connect to computers. Wired keyboards are simple and are ideal where flexibility is not needed. They use USB cables as their main type of connection. On the other hand, wireless keyboards are powered by batteries and come with a dongle which allows them to communicate wirelessly with a computer. Mostly, AA or AAA size batteries are used. Bluetooth, RF (Radio Frequency), infrared and projection are the main connection options available. These keyboards are ideal where flexibility is required such as in business presentations.

Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards are slightly broader and their shape is different from that of normal keyboards. A bit of space is left between two sets of keys and a contoured shape reduces stress on the wrist, This allows you to place your hands in a more natural position while typing. The numeric keypad is also placed separately for easier typing when working with numbers. These keyboards provide comfort for those who spend hours working on their computers. Wireless computer ergonomic keyboards allow cordless communication between the keyboard and computer thus giving you even more comfort and flexibility.

Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are built for heavy gamers. They differ from normal keyboards in that they come with extra features that allow gamers to carry out a variety of tasks such as adjusting volume and changing music tracks without having to pause the game. Additional features include illuminated keyboards, LCD displays, programmable keys, a comfortable palm rest and multimedia keys. Wired gaming keyboards are ideal for gaming at a desk or table since not much flexibility is needed but if you are gaming from your sofa a wireless gaming keyboard will be more ideal.

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