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Computer Gaming Mice

Computer gaming mice are specialised for use while playing video games, either in an all-purpose or genre-specific manner. The most important factors to consider are your desired play style, grip and affordability.


All-purpose computer gaming mice are designed to be used with every genre of game. They are the most common type available. There are also more specialised computer gaming mice for particular video game genres, such as massively multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft or first-person shooters like Counter-Strike. Designed around the genre, these mice take into account the particular button presses frequent in those titles to make game play easier and faster. In addition, there are computer mice trackballs and touchpads available for games that require different control inputs from the standard mouse and keyboard solution.

Laser vs. Optical

A common debate within the computer gaming community is whether computer gaming mice should have a laser or optical sensor. Mice with a laser sensor works using a laser, whilst the optical sensor uses an LED light in an optical engine. A laser mouse generally has a DPI, dots per inch, of 400 to 800. Optical mice generally have a larger DPI of approximately 2000. This refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. Therefore, due to the precise motions often required from computer gaming, optical mice can be too sensitive; however, a lot of laser mice have the ability to alter the DPI to a lower, more suitable amount. Laser mice can be used on most surfaces, whereas an optical mouse may have difficulty on dark or shiny surfaces.

Additional Features and Designs

Modern computer gaming mice often come with additional features and design choices, from aesthetic to pragmatic. Illumination is common on computer gaming mice, with the ability to adjust the colour of the mouse's light on an RGB spectrum. There is the option of wireless computer gaming mice as opposed to wired, with the market now heavily favouring wireless. In addition, ergonomic gaming mice are designed for the most comfort.


If you already have computer peripherals from a technology company, it may be worth considering computer gaming mice from the same brand. Many of these brands, such as Logitech, Roccat and Razer offer a unified software platform. This allows for easy installation and use amongst similar devices, for instance in combination with a voice headset and keyboard.

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