Computer Graphics & Video Cards

Graphics and Video Cards

New game on the market? For PC gamers, investing in the latest game often means buying more than just the game itself. If the game’s developers decided to release their game utilising bigger and better graphics, gamers will often need to invest in certain upgrades to be able to enjoy them. What does that mean? Quite often, it means buying and installing an upgraded graphics card. Connecting to the motherboard, a graphics card – or video card – is the device in the computer that outputs visual information to the monitor or display. If the graphics card is not capable of processing data within a new game, that – often very expensive – game becomes unplayable. When trying to play the new game, the system will produce graphics will likely jolt, freeze and pixilate. So to play the game, the only solution is to buy a new, compatible graphics card. Designed to be easy to install, graphics cards contain a processing unit, a cooling mechanism and memory in a compact package. For gamers who know what they’re doing, swapping out older cards to make way for the upgraded model is a pretty simple task.

Comparing Options

Featuring a massive range of computer components and parts, eBay is the place to find all the essential gaming equipment. Searching for new graphics cards? eBay offers easy searchability, allowing buyers to refine their search by brand, by chipset or GPU model, or by memory type. Looking for a certain chipset or GPU manufacturer? Check out what’s on offer from the likes of AMD and ATI, Matrox and NVIDIA. Want to search according to compatible port or slot? Find options compatible with AGP 4x/8x or PCI, PCI Express x16, PCI Express 2.0 x16 or PCI Express 3.0 x16. What about memory size? If memory size is a deciding factor, simply refine the search to find options such as 32MB, 64MB, 1GB, 2GB or 8GB. For a great selection of brand new and used graphics cards, find and compare options on eBay, and buy online to enjoy super easy home delivery. Looking for the hottest games? Of course, eBay has that covered too.